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A Discussion on US trademark and patent legal knowledge in China in USPTO

During the US Investment Summit, Ms. Zhu Su and Mr. Zhu Haicheng went to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and visited the relevant departments, conducting a discussion on how to carry out the dissemination of US trademark and patent legal knowledge in China, and the handling of international litigation issues.


The US Patent and Trademark Office is an agency under the US Department of Commerce that provides inventors and entrepreneurs services such as patent protection, trademark registration, and intellectual property certification, with more than 10,000 employees. These employees play important roles in the intellectual property protection chain. With the increasing number of Chinese enterprises to enter the US market, as well as domestic cross-border business development of electronic business is growing, the understanding and compliance of domestic entrepreneurs towards the US trademark and patent is becoming increasingly important. For example, in cross-border electricity business, in the past few years, it happened many times that the law firms in Chicago apply to the Chicago court to freeze China's electronic infringer PayPal account, in order to implement preservation, and sending messages by email, promoting the US courts’ style of lengthy and long procrastination in traditional litigation, and each defendant often has to bear up to $ 2 million in liability(due to the defendant generally cannot afford to hire expensive local lawyers, so the United States generally do not appear in court for the defense, court will be the basic support of the plaintiff's claim), it is a great impediment to the ability of the defendant (individual) to enter the United States in the future, and the huge liability entails a lifetime commitment(If it is a corporate defendant, then there is no longer any US companies and the possibility of doing business).


In recent years,  the giant patent war between Huawei, Apple, Samsung and other intellectual property can also make people feel the fierce battle for the US market. As the US market potential is huge, for many individuals or enterprises, the business opportunities can not be ignored, so how to better understand and comply with the US trademark and patent law is also very important. Through establishing platform to start close cooperation with foreign government agencies and international professional law firm, Chession Law Firm provides full gapless escort for China enterprises "go out".

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