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Hangzhou Lawyer in Canada

During the G20 Summit, Prime Minister of Canada and Alibaba Group reached a cooperation agreement, the setup of  “Brand Canada Pavilion ”on Tmall online, so that more and more Canadian brands can enter the Chinese market seamlessly. Such kind of opportunities make more and more local brands in Canada begin to focus on the huge Chinese market.


In late October, at the invitation of Canada Investment Summit, the lawyer Leo Zhu of Chession Law Firm went to Toronto to attend a two-day communication activity which was jointly organized by the provincial and municipal governments of Canada and its local entrepreneurs. During the activity, Mr. Zhu conducted in-depth exchanges with the Vaughan City Mayor, Hamilton City Mayor and local entrepreneurs. Mr.Zhu also accepted the interview from Canadian local media. Learning the investment opportunities and policies in Canada, Mr.Zhu also actively introduced them the beautiful Hangzhou and our Chinese plan to build a “Chinese Silicon Valley” on the influence of the G20 Summit, which aimed to attract them and strengthen their willingness to cooperate with entrepreneurs in Hangzhou and other cities in Zhejiang Province. Canada has expressed its willingness to have a close cooperation relationship with Chession Law Firm on the two-way cooperation and project landing between Chinese and Canadian brands.


With the development of cross-border E-commerce and the coming of the global village era, it is an irreversible trend that much more Chinese brands are to be world-wide and also foreign local brands are to enter the Chinese market.


For entrepreneurs in China even around the world, how to seize this opportunity is concerned not a small challenge. Based on the traditional legal service, Chession Law Firm is actively looking for the possible foreign investment and branding project. Meanwhile, Chession Law Firm aims to provide a variety of opportunities and the high-quality, efficient landing service from  the match of business opportunities to controlling the legal and tax risk, by setting up cooperation relationships with North America and Europe countries.

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