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About Us

Global Soon is One-stop Service Platform established for international trademarks and aims at foreign customers. Wherever you visit the website, upload materials as required, place order by self-service, then pay online, upon receiving corresponding materials the trademark engineer will take actions. This platform greatly simplifies the procedures of “foreign companies cross-border registered trademark”. What’s more, Global Soon provides services including trademark searching, similarity analysis, report generation and translation, etc.

For problems after trademark application, including but not bounded to trademark extending, modification, review of refused trademark, defense of trademark opposition, trademark infringement lawsuits, our Global Soon team is always keeping track of them and offering whole-course legal service and support.

  • Zhejiang Chession Law Firm, 19th floor of Dingsheng Building,9# of Xuehai Road, Linping, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

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