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   We help Chinese investment be more successful in US!

   Zhejiang Chinese law firm focuses on helping Chinese companies or individuals solve legal issues  during thier investment in US.Relying on the elite lawyers in our law firm, and local government agencies, we aim to assist Chinese in solving any legal disputes that may arise in the investment process, and dealing with various legal disputes that have occurred. All these will help avoiding investors enter a dilemma situation. By way of effective integration with US local lawyers and investment projects, we can realize the goal of transporting the investment from inside China to US in a seamless legal services formula, and promptly deal with all kinds of legal issues.

  With the development of China's comprehensive strength, coupled with the Chinese government's encouraging companies to "go abroad", meaning to the broader international markets, Chinese companies form the need and motives to expand into international markets,Chinese companies form the need and motives to expand into international market. Among them, the US market has a significant market value and strategic importance for China's enterprises. If  they can successfully enter and operate, it means that the company would gain international notability in the process. Therefore, more and more enterprises will shift attention to set up in US in forms of offices, R&D, subsidiaries, branches or even factories.

  However, from time to time there would be negative news that Chinese enterprises are undergoing different kinds of investigations after entering into US market, such as: antisubsidy investigations, 337 investing ations, or even SEC investigation, which would make Chinese entrepreneurs doubtful over whether it is right to enter into US market. The key problems mentioned above is that a considerable number of entrepreneurs do not understand the laws and regulations of US. It means at the initial planning stage, too much attention was put on technology, marketing and other aspects when making in vestment decisions in US, but ignoring the assessment of real and potential legal risks. It not only means that there are the risks of losses of the manpower and resources, one may even lose the opportunity to operate in the US market after such penalties.

  It is only by knowing well and abiding by the legal rules and policies in US that, the investor will feel more flexible and accustomed in running the business in US, further in event of a dispute arise one can deal with it promptly, and ultimately achieve the goals of the whole investment program.

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